Biofertilizer for Sugarcane, Gluconacetobacter Diazotrophicus

Biofertilizer for Sugarcane, Gluconacetobacter Diazotrophicus

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Biofertilizer for Sugarcane, Gluconacetobacter Diazotrophicus

Posted Date: February 1, 2011

Sugar Plus is a biofertilizer for sugarcane. Sugar Plus's active ingredient is a very significant symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacterium for sugarcane.

It was first discovered in high yielding varieties of sugarcane grown in Brazil.
As per international research findings up to 40% biological nitrogen fixation in sugarcane is due to these bacteria.

It addition to its nitrogen fixation it also secrets useful growth promoting hormones such as Insole Acetic Acid (IAA).

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